Custom Wood Bats | Best Wooden Pro Bats

Here at Buckeye Bats, we always take pride on service excellence combined with appealing design. We consider ourselves artisans, instead of just your average baseball bat designers. With every bat we design, you'll feel the passion of the game running through your veins. If you're a die-hard baseball player, you'll understand this feeling. You'll probably want to swing that bat away the moment you get it from us. Even though Buckeye Bats has 4 years worth of professional experience under its belt, our masterwork skills were noticed by hundreds of baseball players and coaches.

Services offered to you:

- Premier baseball bats for everyone: We have a fine range of custom baseball bats for everyone. All of our bats are professionally designed, especially our special 33-inch pro series. Our standard bats even exceed the quality of coach's fungo wood bats by a small margin. 

- Polished and appealing design: Our clients marveled at the mobility and power of our baseball bats, but they were also fascinated with the design. If you want a specific design done on your order, simply explain it to us and we'll work on it.

- Diamond League discount: All Diamond League players are entitled to a 10% discount on all of our baseball bat offers. 

- Other equipment: Occasionally, we may sell other pieces of equipment such as gloves, baseball bat hat racks, caps, and vintage uniforms. We'll expand our product line overtime.

If you are interested to have a professional-style custom wooden bat of your own, you may contact us at (330) 635-1719. You can also send us an email at